Sunday, May 03, 2009

Awesome Day!

Today has just kicked ass! I went to Pop Culture Comix to partake in Free Comic Book Day and was greeted by stormtroopers! I then went to Maui Express where I had a truly tasty chicken/steak bowl. Afterwards, I went to the library to pass some time (and yes, see if the cute librarian was there). While I had no eye candy, I did get some reading in. While there, I noticed my phone was ringing and picked up. Dan wanted to know if I would like to go see Cake tonight. Hmm..YES! Went to Elite Comics and got more free books and was greeted by Jedi! The Force is obviously strong in JoCo. I then had to go to work for six hours, but I had hardly anything to do, so I got to twiddle my thumbs and stay awake. Much more relaxing than my afternoon would have been, probably. While at work, I got two more offers of things to do tonight, but passed because free tickets to Cake beats all. I then went and saw a truly KICK ASS show. I only knew a few songs, but the music was so great I was able to sing along and dance to the music without really knowing it. I have plans for payday that involves quality time with Amazon MP3 and searching for Cake. :-) I think I have a new favorite band--their sound is awesome. More rock bands need a horn. After the show, I found my way out of the Crossroads district all by my lonesome. Those who know my sense of direction and complete incomprehension of the downtown area (and who probably aren't even reading this blog) are suitably impressed. I'd like to think that there are a good five or six people who, around 11 tonight, suddenly felt very proud of me. Buoyed by my success at leaving the Crossroads without getting lost, I called my friend Robby and we went out to Perkins for a late night meal. While the hot Spike-like waiter no longer works there, it was fun to sit there and talk. On my way home, I might have been speeding a teensy bit through town and I got pulled over. "What does that have to do with an awesome day?" you ask. I got left off with a warning. I think the cop may have been slightly amused by my answer of "I have to pee" when he asked why I was speeding. So, I started out today thinking I would get a free comic or two and then work and come home and do nothing. Instead, I got seven free comics, tasty food, a relaxing afternoon, access to a great concert, hung out with friends and did NOT get a speeding ticket. Awesome day, my friends. Awesome day.

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