Monday, July 26, 2010

Pop Culture Quiz

I'm always teasing my buddy Elliot about his appalling lack of pop culture knowledge. We decided that we would sit down some night and do some word association. I'd tell him the name of something that has been popular in his lifetime and he would tell me what he thought it was about. Below is our (slightly edited) conversation.

me: Here starts the test:

Veronica Mars?

elliotbentsen: Some TV show about a chick. I think she's a TV reporter. Wasn't it on UPN or the WB about 5-6 years ago?

me: Close. TV show about a chick in high school (and later college) who is a private investigator. There's an arc that reaches over the entire season and several standalone mysteries.

2. Harry Potter

elliotbentsen: A bunch of movies about the wizard kid. I actually saw (most of) the first one (for a girl) unfortunately (didn't get me anywhere). He walks through a concrete pillar in a train station & gets in trouble for flying around on a broom the first day of that class or whatever. Any more you wanna know about it? :-P

me: ...You do realize there were books, too, right?

elliotbentsen: well yeah, I knew THAT. I actually bought one of the books for a (different) girl on the day it came out. Don't ask me which book though.

me: Do you know the names of his two best friends?

or the villain throughout the series?

elliotbentsen: Let's see.. Hermomine or something like that was the girl... The boy was something even weirder, and I think he ended up being a bad guy, but I may be thinking of the Spiderman movies (like I said, only saw the first Harry Potter)... Voldemort was somebody.

me: haha...Ron was his best friend.

What you're thinking of is a Spiderman movie

Voldemort was the villain in Harry Potter

elliotbentsen: ok then.

me: 3. I hate to ask because it means admitting this is a valid part of pop culture but: Twilight Saga?

elliotbentsen: A bunch of stupid books/movies about some teenage girl freaking out over her love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf. One guy is Jacob, the other is, uhhh... Andrew? William? The only conversation I ever had about it was memorable, in a less than stellar way.


me: oh?

elliotbentsen: And they have Teams, too. Like Conan O'Brien.

me: Pretty good. The other guy is Edward. He's a stalker douchebag, so naturally he's the one Bella's in love with.

4. Name a Marvel superhero who isn't Spiderman

elliotbentsen: Captain Planet? Wait. The green one. Hulk. Yeah.

me: Good job

5. Who is Kevin Smith and what does he do?

elliotbentsen: He's a director/actor who uses two seats in airplanes. He did Clerks, which I wanna see before I watch Clerks II, which I bought for $3 at FYE one time & never opened. He also did the Clerks TV show which I watched as a kid and have absolutely no recollection of.

me: proud

6. Psych

elliotbentsen: Corny 90s saying, slasher movie, and if you add an "e" to the end, the first name of a woman who was part owner of a KC radio station in the 50s.

me: BZZT! TV show starring James Roday as a fake psychic

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

elliotbentsen: Oh! That one hot chick was in this... Jennifer Love Hewitt from (the awesome) Ghost Whisperer. It was on WB forever. Never seen it though. I think that other hot girl was on it too. Allyson Hannigan?

me: Jennifer Love Hewitt was not in Buffy.

Allison Hannigan was in it, however.

Do you know what it was about?

elliotbentsen: Girl who kills vampires. And it led to that Angel spinoff, because the WB had so many shows that sucked they had to put SOMETHING on the air.

the main girl on that show DID have three names, right?

me: Sarah Michelle Gellar

elliotbentsen: Ahhh... Same difference.

me: not exactly

elliotbentsen: :-)

me: 8. Firefly

elliotbentsen: Something my little brother watches apparently, since I've seen him with the DVDs. It's about outer space... and... people... colonizing planets... or other dimensions or something. Sorry I didn't pay better attention when you explained it, and yeah, I never got around to watching any of it, but you never listened to that KY audio I sent you either :-P

me: whine whine

 It's about space cowboys and is very funny and well-written

elliotbentsen: So was Sports Night, and look where THAT got it.


look where that got IT. There we go. That's where the emphasis belongs...

me: ...

elliotbentsen: I hope you're not posting this verbatum...

me: I haven't decided



Star Wars (if you don't know this, I legitimately get to smack you)

elliotbentsen: Oh good grief. My mother would have Star Wars "picnics" (as in, we actually got to eat in the living room) with us as kids. Over and over I had to watch those 3 movies after I was WAAAAAY over them. That said, I still own a 5th of a very large collection of the ORIGINAL action figures she got us kids at garage sales way back then, so even though I'm not a big fan, I still expect my cut.

 me: :-)

 Doctor Who

elliotbentsen: That show you like so much, even though you hate a bunch of the episodes. Old. Black and white.

me: more, I need to hear more

elliotbentsen: It has a doctor in it. And probably some kind of... machine. Yeah, not a computer, but a machine. For time travel. And the doctor goes forward in time 50 years and sees his house after it's fallen in.

me: got time machine. Good job!

The Doctor is an alien who has a ship called the TARDIS, which can go anywhere, any time.

elliotbentsen: Yeah, but the rest of that may be The Time Machine...

Well that just sounds fantastic.


me: He travels around in time and space and fixes things. :-)

Jane Austen

elliotbentsen: Pride and Predjudice. And Emma, which I bought and carried around, but never read in high school. Let me tell you, not reading a book THAT THICK was a formidable challenge.

me: 12. Heroes

elliotbentsen: That show where normal people are superheros.

You told me to pretend it ends after the first season.

Because there were too many characters.

me: You do pay attention sometimes


elliotbentsen: yeah, as long as I don't have to actually watch any of this junk :-P

me: 13. Big Bang Theory

elliotbentsen: Nerds try to get with the hot girl from 8 Simple Rules (RIP, John). Kaley Cuoco.

me: 14. Bones

elliotbentsen: Some detective on Fox that digs up dead people. I thought you were going to ask me harder questions.

me: How about an FBI detective who is partnered with a forensic anthopologist who solves crimes by looking at bodies

elliotbentsen: I got the key points it looks like...

me: Typically recent murders that have been mutilated

you only mentioned one person and said they dig people up

15. Old Spice

elliotbentsen: A cologne?

me: Why might it be a pop culture item of note?

elliotbentsen: Because they had a YouTube video last week. Some kind of viral marketing thing I figured I'd read about later.

me: Started out with TV commercials and then went online and went viral

elliotbentsen: ahhh, ok

me: In case you have heard people saying random shit like "I'm on a horse", now you know why

elliotbentsen: I did hear that! And I replied "I'm on a boat" (from SNL) once and "I'm riding a big furry tractor" (from Anchorman) the other time.

me: ...and now you know why they probably thought you were a big spaz

elliotbentsen: Eh, they'll make it.

me: 16. What happened this weekend on the west coast?

elliotbentsen: Comic Con

And the Angels traded for the Royals' Alberto Callaspo

me: Good job on both

17. Who is Joss Whedon?

elliotbentsen: Amish person who did the Firefly thing.

me: .........

Sorry, I had to wait for my head to finish exploding

elliotbentsen: What!? I'm RIGHT!!

me: writer/director who was responsible for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr Horrible


elliotbentsen: well, maybe not on the Amish part, but that's how I remember it. The name sounds Amish to me. Does she wear a bonnet? Or churn butter? (Radio joke you won't get..)

 me: you are so demented

18. Dr Horrible

elliotbentsen: Hold up a second...

me: ?

elliotbentsen: Do you get MY radio reference? (I only ask since it was recently plastered on the website, both my twitters, etc)

me: Hm...nope

elliotbentsen: Ok, had to ask. Now you know why Joss Whedon reminds me of KC radio.

me: oooooooooook


Dr Horrible

elliotbentsen: Doctor who goes through time. Written by the Amish chick. :-P

(which I just learned about five seconds ago)

me: Small backtracking for a second: Joss Whedon is a dude

back to Dr Horrible

elliotbentsen: WHAT?!?!

me: Dr Horrible is a three-part web series that Joss Whedon did during the writer's strike. It's about a guy who wants to join the Evil League of Evil and is having a hard time balancing his career ambitions with his crush on a girl at the laundromat

19. What major TV/movie property was rebooted in 2009?

elliotbentsen: Wow, I'd go on strike if they were putting out junk like that too... :-D

2009? Property? One of the studios had a fire, but I dont think anything had to be, as you say, "rebooted."

me: you may get smacked after all

oh jeez

elliotbentsen: Just doing my job

me: rebooted is a term used to signify that they are restarting something from the beginning with new actors/sets/etc

For example, Spiderman is going to be rebooted

No more Tobey Maguire, we're gonna have some new schmuck

elliotbentsen: Must be something crummy you watched, HAHAHA!!!

Is it Dr. Who?

me: Star Trek


elliotbentsen: I hope they keep the girl...

me: that girl?

elliotbentsen: in Spiderman

me: they won't be keeping Kirsten Dunst

they're going back to high school and she's too old for that

20. Office Space

elliotbentsen: everyone knows office space. I'm kind of insulted by that. Red stapler. Jump to conclusions map. Somebody's got a case of the Monday's. Michael Bolton.

me: Would you like a different #20?

elliotbentsen: uh, yeah...

me: Dead Like Me

elliotbentsen: Some dead kid won't cross over. A poor ripoff of Ghost Whisperer.

me: no

Girl dies, becomes a reaper

elliotbentsen: ok, but still not as good as Ghost Whisperer. :-)

me: You have a strange and unreasonable attraction to Ghost Whisperer

elliotbentsen: Have you ever seen Jennifer Love Hewitt?

me: she is hot

I'll grant you that

but that doesn't make the show good

elliotbentsen: I swear it's coincidence, but what few shows I like, all seem to have a hot chick.

me: go figure

what's strange is that a lot of the shows I mentioned have hot chicks in them

elliotbentsen: In fact, I'd assume most shows in general would.

me: tends to happen that way

elliotbentsen: nice

me: :)

elliotbentsen: So... I think I passed with flying colors.

me: you been drinking?

elliotbentsen: no, but I knew almost everything you asked.

me: you'd heard of them

you didn't know them

elliotbentsen: did I do a passable job?

me: you did OK

you should watch some of those shows, though

elliotbentsen: maybe :-)

me: :)

and movies, apparently

Star Trek


elliotbentsen: what about Star Trek?

me: that was the major franchise rebooted in 2009

elliotbentsen: ahhh. I've never seen any star trek

I thought you'd ask about crappy reality shows and stuff too.

me: You WHAT?!

You've never seen Star Trek?

elliotbentsen: none at all. Never seemed that interesting.

me: you are so freaking weird

elliotbentsen: don't act so surprised


elliotbentsen: ha


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